Former Houston Rockets legend makes controversial statement about Texas

A Houston Rockets legend had a lot to say about Galveston, Texas
A Houston Rockets legend had a lot to say about Galveston, Texas / Loren Elliott/GettyImages

If you're a longtime Houston Rockets fan, you may not be a Charles Barkley person.

Sure, Barkley is a former Rocket. His tenure with the team wasn't exactly successful. When the Rockets traded Sam Cassell and Robert Horry for him in the summer of 1996, they thought they were getting a superstar.

Instead, they got the shell of a star player. Barkley's age-related decline began almost as soon as he landed in Space City. So, when he hurls disparaging words at a community near Houston, people will inevitably take offense.

Former Houston Rockets star throws shade at Texas town

That's exactly what Barkley did recently. When asked where the Pelicans should go after (inevitably) being eliminated by the Thunder, Barkley recommended Galveston, Texas.

In his words, the Pelicans deserved to vacation in Galveston's "dirty-ass water".

"We're sending them to Galveston where that dirty-ass water be washing up on the shore and people think they're at the beach"

Charles Barkley

Are we surprised?

Former Houston Rockets legend a magnet for controversy

We shouldn't be.

This is Charles Barkley we're talking about. He's not a role model, and he'll be the first to let you know.

This is the man who once threw a bar patron out of a window. Barkley has always been synonomous with controversy, and his recent comments are no exception.

Was he harsh? Absolutely. That's Barkley's brand. At the same time, we're not going to tell anyone not to take offense, either.

Galveston is an interesting, island city. We've never personally dipped our toes in its waters, and can't comment on it's hygenic status. Still, it looks like a lovely place.

It seems that it's not for Barkley. As it turned out, Barkley wasn't for Texas either. His legacy in Houston is unfortnuately marred by disappointment.

We're willing to bet they don't love him in Galveston either.