Former Houston Rockets legend makes strange attempt to return to NBA

Could former Houston Rockets legend Dwight Howard make an NBA comeback?
Could former Houston Rockets legend Dwight Howard make an NBA comeback? / Bob Levey/GettyImages

For some NBA players, retirement is difficult to accept. We can't blame them. If you were an NBA superstar, would you want to ride off into the sunset?

Think about it. You are living your dream. Suddenly, the dream comes to an end. It's human nature to close your eyes and try to conjure that same dream until your alarm forces you to get up.

Make no mistake: it will force you. Retirement is inevitable. Father Time, as they say, is undefeated. Eventually, a human being's body will not allow them to play basketball at an NBA level.

It seems that former Rocket Dwight Howard feels that he's got more in the tank. Recently, he's been making a bid to return to the NBA. His strategy to earn another contract is unconventional - to say the least.

Former Houston Rockets legend serenades Jeanie Buss

We'll give Howard this - he's got solid pitch. With the miracles of autotune, he could find a second career as an R&B singer. His rendition of Biggie's classic "One More Chance" sounds pretty good.

Still, the Lakers won't bring him back to sing the anthem. If he reunites with the organization, it'll be as a backup big man. Would that be a sensible idea for the Lakers - or anyone else?

Houston Rockets shouldn't entertain future Hall of Famer

Who can say? Howard is 38. We haven't seen him on an NBA floor in two years. We don't know what he might have left in the tank.

Howard may still be a solid third-string big. He may be able to deliver on a minimum contract. If nothing else, he'll bring in some ticket sales for nostalgic fans who want to see a former MVP candidate in action.

Perhaps this goes without saying - it shouldn't be on the Rockets. Steven Adams will be significantly more impactful than Howard can be at his age in 2024-25. Even Jock Landale is nearly certain to be a better option. The Rockets do not have room for their former big man.

In other words, they should not give Howard the loot.