Former Rockets forward forces prominent media member to commit cardinal sin

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Following an unsuccessful stint with the Houston Rockets in 2018-19, Carmelo Anthony took to ESPN's First Take to explain the happenings that led to his eventual release from the Space City to Stephen A. Smith. But although Smith and Melo are on good terms now, it wasn't always that way.

Smith has drawn the ire of many NBA players alike for his blunt assessments and unapologetic criticisms of players. Smith is unapologetic in general and welcomes conflict.

But once upon a time, Melo called him out, leaving the long-time ESPN talent speechless, as he realized he was wrong and Anthony had a viable point. On Monday Smith joined Podcast P with Paul George Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment and explained how Melo forced him to apologize to him.

"Years ago, Melo got me good. Because Melo is mellow. That brother called me when he was in the Olympics years ago and he had some issues with the Knicks and he was like 'Yo man, why would you say that'?

And I was like 'That's what they're saying, that's what I heard.' He said 'And you didn't call me?'

I said 'no, you're at the Olympics.' He said 'When the f-k did that stop you?'

He got me. Because he was so right. I went on national television and apologized to Carmelo Anthony."

Former Rockets forward forces prominent media member to commit cardinal sin

Anthony has been described in media circles as being closed off, as he's understandably been distrusting of the media. This probably made him even more frustrated with Smith, as he did actually allow him to get close to him.

On the court, Melo has been one of the most trustworthy players throughout his career, as he ranks 11th all-time in scoring and is a surefire lock to make the Hall of Fame.

And as it pertains to Smith, Anthony will likely not have any issues with him ever again, after putting him in his place.