Former Rockets guard Chris Paul under pressure in Game 7

Houston Rockets v Phoenix Suns
Houston Rockets v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Chris Paul has been far more successful in his post-Rockets career than James Harden. He has a chance to take more steps to cement his legacy in Game 7 against the Mavericks.

Former Rockets point guard Chris Paul is one of several active players that has a claim to go down as one of the best to ever play their position.

His longevity, stats, and postseason performances do well to make a case that Paul is a fringe top-five player at his position. The one area that he struggles in his argument is rings.

It gets harder for Paul when guys like Steph Curry come in and win rings while also revolutionizing the sport, but even one championship has a way of making up some ground in a legacy comversation.

While Paul is a good postseason player, his teams haven't been able to get that ever-elusive championship. Paul and the Suns had a good chance at winning last season, but Giannis, the best player in the game right now, was too much to overcome in the finals.

Before that, Paul and the Rockets looked like a good playoff team to challenge the likes of Golden State, but those Warriors teams just had too much firepower.

With all this in mind, Chris Paul has another shot at cementing his legacy this season, he just has to get past Luke Doncic and a frisky Mavericks team to advance.

Despite the fact that the Suns looked like the much better team during the regular season and the start to the playoffs, Luka has been able to will his way to a Game 7 on Sunday.

The pressure is on for Paul and company as they have to face a top-three player in the league with a series on the line. More than any other sport, NBA games often come down to the best player on the court, and Luka has certainly been that player in this series.

To make matters worse for Paul, he has struggled over his past few games both with his shooting and his ability to help take over games. This isn't the end of the world for a Suns roster that has some other really good pieces, but they will need Chris Paul to be on top of his game if they want to win tomorrow night.

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The pressure is on for Chris Paul and company, but this is a perfect test for whether or not the Suns are ready to face off against a team like the Bucks, and one should think that a player with a legacy like Paul's should be ready for the moment.