Four key takeaways from Houston Rockets' 11-game winning streak

The Houston Rockets love what they've seen from Jalen Green recently.
The Houston Rockets love what they've seen from Jalen Green recently. / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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1. The future is unknown

When a high usage player gets injured, and their team thrives in their absence, it raises inevitable questions. Is the team better without that player?

That's been the question in Sengun's absence. Against the Mavericks, the answer appeared to be a resounding "no". Dallas relentlessly trapped and double-teamed Green, and without another star creator on the floor, he had no recourse.

Sure. So, the Rockets, like every team in the NBA, need more than one star. That doesn't prove that the fit between Green and Sengun is snug. It stands to reason that Green's improved statistical production could partly owe to the space afforded by Jabari Smith Jr. That opens up the paint, where Green has been feasting in Sengun's absence.

That's not a knock on Sengun. If Green was more of a natural shooter and less of a slasher, he'd likely average another assist or two per game. Still, it feels reasonable to question the fit between this duo.

Next season, look for the Rockets to make adjustments. Sengun can still open up space on the interior for Green as a dribble hand-off hub, and by passing out of the high post. Perhaps those adjustments will be enough to maximize this duo's combined output.

Still, Thompson's lack of a jump shot looms over this team's roster construction. All told, the final iteration of this Rockets team remains to be seen.

That's OK! The Rockets have time. This core is young. If the pieces all fit, they fit - and if they don't, the Rockets will make a trade.

Sometimes, even a young core's time together has to come to an end.