Grade the Trade: Houston Rockets land sharpshooter in bold proposal

Should the Houston Rockets trade Jae'Sean Tate for a shooting specialist?
Should the Houston Rockets trade Jae'Sean Tate for a shooting specialist? / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

We don't like to be disagreeable.

Really - we don't. We don't like to be argumentative. At the same time, in this sphere, we feel obliged to be honest.

We hated the last trade that Bleacher Report suggested for the Rockets. So, we aimed to eviscerate it. It wasn't an act of sadism. Instead, it felt like our necessary contribution to the discourse.

Recently, Bleacher Report suggested another deal for the Rockets. How do we feel about this one?

Houston Rockets acquire sharpshooter in recent proposal

Let's take a look at the details.

Oh! That's imminently reasonable. Without giving away our grade already, we'll happily concede that this is a reasonable offer.

The Rockets need floor spacing. They shot 35.2% from long-range in 2023-24, which ranked 23rd in the NBA. If they want to make the playoffs in 2024-25, they must improve on that mark.

This deal would certainly aid that cause. Kennard shot 45% from deep in 2023-24. Tate shot 29.9%. Losing Landale is likely a moot point with Steven Adams in the fold.

Kennard is a target we've advocated for in the past. He makes perfect sense as a roster addition for the Rockets. Does this deal work for the Grizzlies?

Houston Rockets proposed trade partner would have a difficult choice

It's a tough call. The Grizzlies would likely have trepidation about this deal - their 34.6% three-point accuracy ranked 29th in the NBA last year.

Granted, Memphis was effectively tanking with Ja Morant missing most of the season. Still, a look at this roster doesn't suggest a strong shooting team. The Grizzlies may feel that they need Kennard's shooting as much as the Rockets do.

On the other hand, Memphis never truly replaced Dillon Brooks when he landed in Houston. They may see the appeal in adding a defensive wing like Tate and finding another shooter to replace Kennard in free agency. The Grizzlies could also like the flexible nature of Landale's deal.

If we were grading this trade strictly from a Rockets' perspective, we'd give it an A+. Still, in considering Memphis' side, we wonder if this trade is viable on both sides.

Still, you won't hear any strong opposition from us - in this case.

Grade: A