Grade the trade: Rockets address shooting woes by adding sniper in bold proposal

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets / Tim Warner/GettyImages
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The Houston Rockets lack shooting depth, which has been on display of late. The Rockets have made just 25.9 percent from three in the past five games, as outlined below.

  • 8/30 vs Knicks
  • 8/27 vs Sixers
  • 7/30 vs Celtics 
  • 8/30 vs Pistons 
  • 11/45 vs Bulls

Yeah, it almost looks like tour dates for a music concert. 

Suns' latest trade rumors should have Rockets on red alert.

And it shouldn't be a surprise, as the Rockets lack legitimate long-range shooting, due to the emphasis on adding defensive reinforcements in the summer. And I'm not knocking that decision, just pointing out the need to address the lack of shooting.

With the trade deadline fast approaching on February 8th, there's no better time to address it than now. And especially with the latest news coming out of Phoenix.