Grade the Trade: Rockets flip Jalen Green for star wing in intriguing proposal

Could the Houston Rockets move Jalen Green this summer?
Could the Houston Rockets move Jalen Green this summer? / Amanda Loman/GettyImages

Jimmy Butler and the Houston Rockets make for strange bedfellows.

Butler was supposed to complete Houston's Big 3 when they had James Harden and Chris Paul. For whatever reason, the hometown hero didn't find his way home. For a long time, the discussion of Butler joining the Rockets came to a halt.

Recently, it's picking up more steam. The Rockets have been named as a suitor for Butler more than once. Now, Bleacher Report is suggesting it again.

What exactly are they suggesting?

Houston Rockets give up on Jalen Green in recent proposal

Let's look at the specifics.

This trade is going to upset some Rockets fans. They won't be ready to cut ties with Green. After the potential he flashed in March, that's understandable.

It won't sit well with Heat fans, either. Butler isn't far removed from being the best player on an NBA Finalist. This is the entire return for him?

It's been said that a perfect compromise leaves both parties unsatisfied. By that measure, this is a perfect trade.

Isn't it?

Houston Rockets should decline this deal

We wouldn't go that far.

We don't like Butler as a target for the Rockets. We've said that before. He's 34 and seemingly on the decline.

Does Green's torrid March ensure his stardom? Absolutely not. It's possible that it was no more than a hot streak. The Rockets need Green to be consistent before they treat him as untouchable. Still, flipping him for an aging Butler feels like swinging too far in the opposite direction.

Yet, we aren't going to pan this deal either. In terms of value, it's fair. The Heat shouldn't expect a king's ransom for an aging Butler. Meanwhile, Rockets fans should be realistic about Green's trade value.

This is a fair trade. It's just not the direction we'd prefer to see the Rockets take.

The time to acquire Jimmy Butler passed a long time ago.

Grade: B