Grade the trade: Rockets land much needed rim protector in bold proposal

Indiana Pacers v Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers v Houston Rockets / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages
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Ime Udoka's arrival on the Houston Rockets sparked a roster reorganization, as the defensive master sought to improve upon the Rockets' 29th-ranked defense in 2022-23. Udoka and the Rockets landed Dillon Brooks and Fred VanVleet in free agency- two of the best defenders at their respective positions.

The Rockets also pursued Milwaukee Bucks center and runner-up Defensive Player of the Year Brook Lopez and were led to believe that they had a deal lined up. The Rockets even began moving cap space to clear enough salary to make room for Lopez on the roster.

As it turns out, Lopez used the Rockets' interest to get the Bucks to pony up and increase their offer. All told, Lopez remained in Milwaukee on a two-year deal worth $48 million- an average of $24 million annually. The Rockets never quite bounced back, as they were forced to pivot to Jock Landale, who could find himself off the roster in the near future.

Jeff Green has essentially been the Rockets' best "big" off the bench and...well, he's not a big man, by definition. Fortunately for the Rockets, there may be an easy way to nab their enforcing center, which seems impossible, given their lack of trade assets (outside of their draft capital).

Let's take a look at a deal that could be drawn up.