Grading the Rockets' free agency spending spree

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Jock Landale: B

Franz Wagner, Jock Landale
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He's definitely no Brook Lopez, but Landale should be a much welcomed signing for Houston. Landale was last seen stealing minutes away from the often disgruntled Deandre Ayton in the 2023 postseason. He'll now be coming off the bench for one of the most interesting up and coming centers in the NBA in Alperen Şengün on a four-year $32 million deal with only the first year being guaranteed.

Similar to VanVleet and Brooks, Landale will give an instant jolt to the core of this team. His effort and competition for more minutes will drive Şengün to another level.

He'll come in for about 15 minutes, hold his own defensively, grab some rebounds, and score on moderate efficiency. He isn't the most exciting big man that the Rockets could have signed, but he will be a nightly contributor to the "little things" and leave plenty of room for Şengün to bloom into everything his stans think he is.

Good signing. Solid player and flexible contract. If he can improve his 3-point shooting to a rate closer to his NBL numbers, it could turn into a great signing.