Houston Rockets: 3 Realistic Trades of Christian Wood

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Houston Rockets Christian Wood Trade #2

The Raptors might be the perfect landing spot for Christian Wood. They have a stockpile of long and rangy defenders who can make up for some of his defensive deficiencies. However, those same players also have questionable 3-point shooting ability and need space to thrive. 

In Toronto, Wood will be covered on defense and help open up the court on offense. It’s a perfect symbiotic NBA relationship. 

Landing Goran Dragic, a 2022 top-10 protected first, and a 2023 second-round pick might seem underwhelming but it would have multiple benefits for the Rockets. By including D.J. Augustin, to make the salary work, the Rockets will have cleared close to $20 million off their cap sheet. 

The first-round pick will likely land in the 12 to 18 range, which is a solid pick for the Rockets and a worthy gamble for the Raptors. Opening up cap space and gaining a potential lottery pick is a win for the Rockets. Wood’s trade value isn’t improving, and gaining flexibility and assets as the Rockets begin to send their first-round picks to Oklahoma City is imperative. 

Augustin’s salary is not fully guaranteed for next season, so the Raptors wouldn’t view the transaction as financially imprudent. Dragic will likely be bought out by the Rockets, but he could potentially land an asset if a playoff team becomes desperate due to injury or ineffectiveness.