Houston Rockets: 9 Veteran free agent targets with ties to James Harden

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Veteran FA targets for Houston Rockets: Jeff Green

As a player who started his career playing alongside James Harden, it would be a great full-circle story to see Jeff Green end his career with Harden while trying to set a good and healthy culture in Houston. That said, it could be difficult to envision Green either leaving the situation that he's currently in or not flat-out retiring after the season. Even more so if the Denver Nuggets end up winning the NBA Championship.

Green is 36 years old and will be 37 by the time next season begins. Even though he's still playing a defined role for the Nuggets this season, there's no guarantee that he'll be back for another year. If he is open to it and does end up leaving Denver, perhaps the Rockets could be a fit. He would add much-needed depth to the frontcourt while also acting as a veteran leader inside the locker room.

Green has a great story and has seen the highs and highs and lows of lows that can follow an NBA player. He'd be a great influence on such a young team. This possibility could really come down to whether or not Green wants to continue playing in the NBA.