Houston Rockets: 9 Veteran free agent targets with ties to James Harden

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Veteran FA targets for Houston Rockets: Patrick Beverley

As a player that has already been linked to the Houston Rockets, there's suddenly a very real possibility that Patrick Beverley ends up making the move back to Houston, in addition to James Harden this offseason. Beverley broke into the league in large part due to the Rockets giving him his first real opportunity to prove himself during the 2012-13 season. He would end up playing five seasons, all alongside Harden, with the Rockets before he was traded to the LA Clippers as part of the Chris Paul blockbuster deal.

Beverley, 34, has seen a steady drop in production in recent years, which is understandable for an aging and undersized guard, but he's still one of the most intense defensive guards in the Association. He's also a player that doesn't seem to shy away from the limelight and leadership responsibilities. Even if he doesn't end up playing many minutes for the Rockets, his story is certainly one that could illuminate the Rockets' young players.

It would be great to see Beverley end his career where it all started. I'm sure that's part of his draw back to Houston. The question is, would this be a reunion worth exploring in the eyes of the Rockets?