Houston Rockets: 9 Veteran free agent targets with ties to James Harden

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Veteran FA targets for Houston Rockets: Reggie Jackson

Another possible veteran point guard option that could emerge for the Houston Rockets in free agency this offseason is Reggie Jackson. He's bounced around the league recently, playing for three teams in the last four years, and could be looking for another change of scenery this offseason. Jackson has only appeared in five games for the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Playoffs and he will be back on the free-agent market this summer.

Jackson spent his rookie season playing alongside James Harden during their time with the Oklahoma City Thunder. They didn't get a ton of run together as Harden was traded to the Rockets pretty quickly after Jackson joined OKC, but perhaps this is the right time for a bit of a reunion.

Before being moved to the Nuggets at the NBA Trade Deadline, Jackson was averaging 11 points and four assists on 42 percent shooting from the field and 35 percent shooting from 3-point range for the LA Clippers. In a much smaller role for the Rockets next season, perhaps he could add some value for the team off the bench. If Jackson is ready to embrace a more veteran-led role, the Rockets could emerge as a potential landing spot.