Houston Rockets: 9 Veteran free agent targets with ties to James Harden

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Veteran FA targets for Houston Rockets: Jalen McDaniels

Jalen McDaniels will be entering his fifth season in the league next year and could be viewed as one of the better young veteran options that the Houston Rockets could end up targeting this offseason. He's coming off a sour end to his season with the Philadelphia 76ers (alongside James Harden) and because of that, he could be looking for a new home.

As a player that was acquired with the idea of playing a big role with the Sixers, he was almost completely shut out by the team in the postseason - averaging just 13 minutes per game while appearing in eight of the team's 11 playoff games. In the end, the Sixers couldn't offer him a role that he was probably expecting when he was acquired at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Nevertheless, there's no question he could be an asset for the Rockets if he were to find his way there this summer. Even at just 25 years old, he'd automatically be one of the most seasoned players on the roster. Add in the fact that McDaniels is still improving as a player and it's easy to see why he could emerge as a valuable veteran option for the Rockets in free agency.