Houston Rockets' Alperen Sengun named as "ambitious trade target" for Hornets

Could the Houston Rockets send Alperen Sengun to the Hornets?
Could the Houston Rockets send Alperen Sengun to the Hornets? / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

For whatever reason, Bleacher Report badly wants to see Alperen Sengun and LaMelo Ball together.

We already addressed their suggestion that the Houston Rockets could trade for Ball. In the same article, they discuss the possibility of the Hornets trading for Sengun.

The fit between this duo is tantalizing, if uncertain. Their combined defensive prowess leaves something to be desired. Still, if they developed strong offensive synergy, they could be unstoppable.

Why would the Rockets allow that to happen in Charlotte?

Why would Houston Rockets move Sengun?

Bleacher Report has its reasons.

"The Houston Rockets have several recent lottery picks who'll all need major extensions soon, and because their late-season surge came while Sengün was sidelined by injury, perhaps there's a way to have a conversation about acquiring the up-and-coming center."

Grant Hughes, Bleacher Report

Let's make one thing clear - we're not suggesting that Sengun is permanently untouchable. It is worth noting that the Rockets surged when he sat in March. This team should continue exploring their options until they find a combination of players that decidedly works.

Yet, it's also worth noting that the Rockets' schedule in March was exceedingly weak. This was not a fair sample size to use if you're trying to conclude that the Rockets are better without Sengun.

If they traded him this summer, they'd be trading their primary playmaker. The Rockets have some proof of concept that they can run an offense through Sengun. There's no other player here that they can rightfully say that about.

What would the Hornets even offer them?

What could Hornets offer Houston Rockets?

"Charlotte could bundle three first-rounders with Nick Richards' $5 million or Cody Martin's $8.1 million as matching salary."

Grant Hughes, Bleacher Report


We don't mean to disrespect Hughes. Everyone is entitled to their viewpoint.

Sure, the Rockets would benefit from adding three unprotected first-round picks to their war chest. Any team would. Still, the risk of taking a monumental step backward in 2024-25 is too great for this team to take.

Houston just got out of the league's basement. They're trying to make a move towards respectability. Trading your most productive offensive player for draft capital is a move best reserved for a rebuilding team.

If there's any chance of Sengun and Ball playing together, it will have to happen in Houston.