Houston Rockets' "biggest offseason fear" identified

Would the Houston Rockets regret trading for Donovan Mitchell?
Would the Houston Rockets regret trading for Donovan Mitchell? / Jason Miller/GettyImages

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering"


Fear also leads to panic. Panic is something the Houston Rockets should avoid. Otherwise, they may suffer this summer.

Bleacher Report seems to agree. They just published an article naming every NBA team's biggest fear.

Don't panic, Rockets (fans).

Houston Rockets should avoid panic trade

Bleacher Report says the Rockets' biggest offseason fear is making a panic trade. If you're a Rockets fan, you'll like much of what they have to say in this piece.

"The Houston Rockets may have the best overall collection of young talent in the NBA."

Greg Swartz, Bleacher Report

Kind words. Swartz goes onto question whether all of the Rockets' young players "can grow to their potential and get paid in Houston". He's right - the Rockets will eventually need to consolidate some of these guys.

"Should Houston have interest in players like Donovan Mitchell, Jimmy Butler and Mikal Bridges if they become available? Of course. Should they sacrifice multiple players with future All-Star potential for what could be a potential one- or two-year rental? Probably not."

Greg Swartz, Bleacher Report

We couldn't agree more. This front office must be tempted to trade for a star. After three years of painful tanking, getting back to the postseason must feel like a priority.

Everyone is itching to get to the big dance. After a .500 season, the Rockets should have an eye on the playoffs. Still, the Rockets shouldn't prioritize the present at the expense of the future.


Houston Rockets will eventually need to consolidate

The Rockets won't be able to keep their "core six" forever. Moreover, the Rockets have the third pick in the upcoming draft. If the Nets don't make substantial changes, they may have a lottery pick in the next draft. In due time, the Rockets could have a "core eight".

Eventually, they'll have to widdle that down to a "big three". It simply isn't time to widdle.

As we've discussed ad nauseam, trading for Mikal Bridges to damage the Nets' infrastructure and increase the value of one of their picks would be a smart strategic ploy. More broadly, if the right star became available, the Rockets could pivot into win-now mode regardless.

We don't think Mitchell is the right star. In all likelihood, that player won't be on the market this summer. The Rockets shouldn't make a win-now trade simply for the sake of it. Either hold out for a top-10 player or consolidate when the team's pecking order is more clearly established.

Otherwise, the team's future may suffer.