Houston Rockets can likely cross one prospect off draft board

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While nothing is certain yet, it is looking all the more likely that Chet Holmgren is not going to be available for the Houston Rockets with the third pick.

As we start to look ahead at who should be available for the Rockets with their third-overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, it might be easier to figure out who won't be there.

While none of the three guys would be a bad fit with the roster, there are certainly pros and cons to each one and their development with the Rockets.

The third pick isn't so bad when considering the Rockets will at least get one of the three forwards, but which ones will actually be available?

While there are some of us that have already drafted Paolo Banchero in 2K to see how he plays with the team in the fake NBA world, there is an outside chance that the Rockets could land Jabari Smith.

The one player who doesn't seem like he will be available either way is Chet Holmgren.

It is really difficult to get a finger on the pulse of where these guys are expected to go, but the general board falls with Jabari Smith at the top, Chet Holmgren at second, and Paolo Banchero at three. For what it is worth, Smith is probably the best player fit with the Rockets.

As for Holmgren, his upside makes him a tantalizing option for the Magic and Thunder; two franchise that have struggled for a while, especially in the superstar category. The Magic lack that star that Holmgren could become, and OKC is in a weird spot after a season with trade rumors around SGA.

Whether he would fall to the Thunder or go to the Magic, it is hard to imagine Holmgren falling to three with teams always chasing upside. One of these teams is going to fall in love with Holmgren's upside over the next month and talk themselves out of the safer options available.

Fortunately for the Rockets, they don't need the risk associated with Holmgren. Again, Smith projects to be better on this Houston offense with the ability to play off the Rockets' young stars perfectly, and Banchero would be awesome in the paint alonsgide the guys Houston already has.

While it is still hard to perfectly predict how the next few months will go, Rockets fans would have the easiest time betting on Smith or Banchero to be their pick at number three.

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