Houston Rockets: A Chronology of the John Wall situation

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John Wall, Houston Rockets
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The battle between John Wall and the Rockets ensues

The dirty secret of the Rockets’ 2021-22 season is that the fron office wants to rack up as many loses as possible. The organization has its eyes set on the future and the quickest way to a bright tomorrow is a dark today. 

John Wall not only makes this team better but he takes repetitions away from Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr, the Rockets’ backcourt duo of the future. NBA teams should prioritize winning at all times, but that’s not reality. 

John Wall and the Rockets battle is about balancing the present and the future. Wall hurts their future but helps their present. Unfortunately for him, the organization has prioritized 2025 over 2022. 

Is John Wall a starter or substitute?

According to reports, one of the key battles between Wall and the Rockets is whether he would be a starter or a substitute. The Rockets allegedly want Wall to come off the bench, which is not a role that Wall wants. 

Once again, this is a balancing act over the future and the present. In one sense, Wall not wanting to come off the bench is him putting his desires over the organizations. In another sense, Wall wanting to start is him wanting the Rockets to win as many games as possible this year. 

John Wall #FreeMe

John Wall’s Instagram post with the #freeme tells you everything you need to know about how he feels. Wall wants to play basketball again and believes the Rockets are barring him from doing so. He’s both right and wrong. 

He’s a prisoner of a bad situation and a bad contract, but he has options available to him if he wants to play again. He could accept a buyout or he could agree to a very diminished role for one of the worst teams in the league.