Houston Rockets: A Chronology of the John Wall situation

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John Wall and the Rockets dispute causes speculation in the fanbase

When organizations and players are at odds, fanbases become split. Some support the player, while others support the team. This little back and forth highlights how quickly things can get ugly. 

One source suggested that John Wall would only be willing to come back if he has the green light at all times. To which, Wall responded, “that’s a lie.” The brewing dynamic between Wall and the fanbase is not pretty. 

Suggesting that Wall will only come back unless he has a green light at all times is suggesting that Wall is incredibly selfish. Wall may want to run the offense when he’s on the court, but this is a player who is a playmaker first and a scorer second.

What now for the Rockets and John Wall?

The Rockets and John Wall could be in for a bumpy ride. Wall wants to play, but he’s essentially being told that he can’t earn a starting spot. Perhaps he doesn’t deserve it, but it’s understandable for a play of his quality to want to be given an opportunity to start if they deserve it. 

If the two sides can’t come to an agreement on Wall’s return, outside of a trade, the only other option is a buyout. While some have suggested that Wall should take this route if he wants to be freed, they’re doing so knowing nothing of what the Rockets have offered in compensation. 

Remember, Wall is owed $91 million over the next two seasons. The conversation over his buyout is very different if the Rockets are asking him to give up $70 million of his remaining money or $21 million. Without knowing what the Rockets’ offer is, it's impossible to judge Wall over not accepting a buyout. 

Time will tell how the situation unfolds, but things looked headed in an ugly direction. The Rockets never wanted John Wall, and John Wall never wanted the Rockets. The two were brought together by the previous regime's ill-fated decision to trade for Russell Westbrook.

If you want to be angry at anyone, be mad at James Harden, Daryl Morey, and Tilman Fertitta. It’s their mess, except they won’t be the ones cleaning it up.

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