Houston Rockets commentator shares opinion on 'Clipped' casting

Houston Rockets color commentator Ryan Hollins is portrayed on a new hit show
Houston Rockets color commentator Ryan Hollins is portrayed on a new hit show / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

Casting a movie seems difficult.

Fans want actors who look like the people they're portraying. Fair enough. Sometimes, finding someone who both looks like the person they're acting as who can, you know, actually act can be a challenge.

Especially if the person they're portraying happens to be a 7-foot behemoth. If your guy doesn't resemble Brad Garrett, you might be out of look.

Just ask Houston Rockets color commentator Ryan Hollins. He was recently portrayed on Hulu's show Clipped. The actor portraying Hollins doesn't exactly resemble Hollins, and some fans are upset about it.

Hollins doesn't seem to share their viewpoint.

Houston Rockets commentator happy with casting


Hollins must be thrilled to see a close friend portraying him on television. Who wouldn't be? This is a dream come true.

That doesn't mean fans have to share his view. If you didn't see this tweet or read this article, you probably didn't know this was Hollins' college teammate. If you did, you must be a diehard UCLA fan.

Was Fey the right actor to cast as Hollins?

Houston Rockets commentator portrayed well

Firstly, and most importantly - who cares? Honestly. Why are we wringing our hands over this?

Otherwise, Fey is a good actor. He has captured Hollins well on the show. Does he look like him?

Not especially. How many people look like Hollins? We'll reiterate - this man is 7-feet tall. That accounts for roughly 0.000038% of the population (look it up).

Let's just be happy to see more basketball content. This is a fun show about an interesting NBA team. If the Lob City Clippers can get their own show, who knows? The Clutch City Rockets of the 1990s could be next.

If they don't cast Hakeem Olajuwon well, keep an eye out for an article with a different tone.