Houston Rockets don't have much of a choice with Christian Wood

Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks
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Christian Wood might get some attention on the trade market, but the Houston Rockets don't have the size at the moment to move on from him just yet.

The Houston Rockets have an extremely important offseason coming up.

The decisions the franchise makes over the coming months have the potential to catapult this rebuild into something beyond that moniker or slow the eniter process down.

These decisions range from draft options to choices on player trades, and one of the biggest focuses in the latter area is Christian Wood.

Wood was one of the best players on the Rockets last season and has a decent draw in the trade market for another team that sees itself as one guy away.

The Rockets did just draft Alperen Sengun and should have a new four coming in soon, so there is some credibility to the belief that the team may try to get something out of a guy that almost assuredly won't be on the team outside of one more season, but that is making a lot of assumptions.

Should Houston pull the trigger? As of right now, the answer to that question is no.

The Rockets don't have the size or talent to move on from a guy like Wood right now. This is a team that just played Jae'Sean Tate against bigs in 2021 and doesn't know exactly what it has in Sengun just yet. You just can't move on from a vet like Wood with so many younger question marks.

To make matters worse, the newest rookie might not even be a starter from day one, although some would see this as a mistake if the transition didn't happen early.

The Rockets can't count only on Sengun and the rookie to shoulder that load for the entire season. The team needs size, and Christian Wood brings that alongside his veteran pressence.

Houston might choose to move on from Wood after the draft or in the middle of the season after they are more confident in their young guys, but moving on from Wood right now is a major gamble that could hurt the team in the long run.

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