Houston Rockets draft picks 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027: Full list

2023 NBA Summer League - Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder
2023 NBA Summer League - Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder / Allen Berezovsky/GettyImages

The Houston Rockets' roster has undergone an entire overhaul over the last several years, as Rockets GM Rafael Stone has had to tear the roster down from long-time contenders to a rebuilding team, then back into contenders once more. The Rockets shipped away fan favorites such as James Harden, Eric Gordon, and P.J. Tucker, while also shipping away star-level players such as Russell Westbrook and Christian Wood.

All in all, Stone has made 21 trades since taking over as the GM in 2020.

These trades have netted the franchise an abundance of first and second-round picks, adding to their extensive stockpile of invaluable draft capital. This is an accomplishment alone, as the Rockets' cupboard was completely bare when Stone took over, as it pertains to draft picks.

Though the front office has stashed an impressive treasure trove of assets in recent years, all the protections and moving parts from these transactions has possibly left some Rockets fans confused and wondering about the specific details. 

Where are these picks coming from? Will they materialize? If so, when will we see them arrive in the Space City? Not to worry, we've got you covered, as the following list should answer your questions.

2024 NBA Draft Picks

  • Own first-round pick if it lands 1-4
  • Nets first-round pick
  • Nets second-round pick
  • Warriors second-round pick (protected for 56-59 and going to Cleveland if it lands between 31-55)
  • Thunder second-round pick

2025 NBA Draft Picks

  • Own first-round pick if it lands 1-10 (if not, OKC can swap for Houston's pick; if pick doesn't convey, Rockets can swap for Nets pick)
  • Thunder second-round pick

2026 NBA Draft Picks

  • Nets first-round pick
  • Thunder/Mavericks/Sixers second-round pick (Will receive second-most favorable pick, as most favorable pick goes to OKC)
  • Clippers/Celtics/Pacers/Heat second-round pick (Rockets receive least favorable pick)

2027 NBA Draft Picks

  • Nets first-round pick (have the ability to swap own pick for Brooklyn's pick)
  • Grizzlies second-round pick

Although the Rockets lost a good amount of first-round picks in the Russell Westbrook trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2019, they still have a considerable amount of draft capital. Stone and the front office figure to use some of their picks to land win-now star-level players.