Houston Rockets: Eric Gordon keeps raising his trade value

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Does a Gordon trade make sense, and who would it be to 

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The Houston Rockets sit in last in the Western Conference and will continue this season with the NBA Draft and the future in mind. Eric Gordon is 33 years old, the second oldest player on a team whose average age at the start of the season was 25.2. His trade stock keeps rising this season and could be the highest it has been at for some time. 

Gordon will make $18 million this season, and next season will make another $19 million. In the final year of his contract, he can make $20 million, but his last year is not guaranteed money. If a team does trade for him this season, they could cut him after one and a half seasons, and the contract is very tradable for that amount of money. 

The Rockets could wait till next season to pull the trigger on a trade for Gordon, as his value could go up due to it being only one guaranteed year. On the other hand, health has been an issue throughout Gordon's whole career, and an injury could drop his stock right away. 

The Houston Rockets are defiantly looking for future picks and, if possible young talent. A top tear team that is contending might not be a fit because their draft picks would be too low to interest the Rockets. Teams who could end up in the play-in tournament could be the best option for the Rockets.

Gordon would join a team with possible playoffs hopes, and he could impact his scoring and ability to hit threes. The Rockets could pick up a potential late lottery pick or a pick from a team that will likely exit the playoffs in the first round. 

Gordon has already been heavily rumored to be traded to the New York Knicks, who need offensive help right now and sit in 11th place in the Eastern Conference. Other Eastern Conference teams like the Atlanta Hawks, who have many young talented players, could be a compelling trade. The Sacramento Kings, who have a goal to make the playoffs this season, could even overpay for Gordon, who could help them reach that goal.

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