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It may be hard to accept, but Eric Gordon is not long for this Rockets team. Houston needs to take every trade offer seriously.

If and when the Rockets decide to move on from Eric Gordon, the team will finally move beyond the past. That has been one of the hardest parts of the rebuild for this Houston team.

The Rockets have a great history. They were one of the most relevant teams in the NBA over the past decade. Perennial talent to stay in championship contention made it impossible to hate on those rosters to the point that some fans hated the idea of trading James Harden despite knowing his time was up.

These attachments to the past have a way of holding teams and fanbases back, which is why the Rockets being so close to leaving the past behind is such a great thing.

This is a new, younger team. Jalen Green is the face of the franchise with a new star on the way in just a short time. The veterans that helped shape this team like Christian Wood and Eric Gordon are no longer the focal points of this franchise.

The Rockets proved this by trading Christian Wood and will likely prove it again if they get and accept any formal offers for Eric Gordon.

Talking about interest in Gordon from other teams may strike a nerve with some people, but this is great news for the Rockets.

Being able to get any compensation for the vet would be great. Freeing up minutes to help grow this young roster is even better.

As it stands, the Rockets are going to be very tight in minutes at guard, and we haven't even seen what is going to happen in the draft yet. Houston can't afford to force Gordon into a role that doesn't fit him in an effort to just get him on the court, and that means a trade is the best option for both sides.

The rumors on this topic should heat up quickly in the coming hours as the draft gets closer. Let's just hope that the value is there if an offer is made.

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