Houston Rockets getting closet to making obvious move

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The Houston Rockets have needed to part ways with John Wall for a while now. It seems like that could happen sooner rather than later.

The John Wall era for the Houston Rockets is about to come to a close-not that this should come as a surprise to anyone.

For most rational people looking back on this era, it should be fair to conclude that this was mostly a failure for both sides. Wall was rarely able to play for the majority of his contract, and Houston got very little out of one of the most expensive contracts in the league.

However, it is also fair to say that this pairing did end up working out in some ways for both sides. Wall is a very rich man and the Rockets are clearly trending in the right direction, but it is still clear that a clean break is needed to make the way for the young guys to get the ball in their hands.

No one should really expect all that much from this move when it is all said and done. The most likely end game for this is a buyout, and any trade that sends players to Houston is likely just going to end in the same thing.

This is just too bad of a contract for a Rockets team that desperately needs to get younger and see what the youth can do without veterans taking up too many minutes.

One way or another, this move inching closer is a good thing for Houston. It is time to make sure that players like Kevin Porter Jr. and Daishen Nix get the ball to see what they project to be on the team. That can't happen if John Wall is on the roster. The break is more than needed.

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