Rockets send shockwaves with latest trade rumor

Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets
Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Houston Rockets have made it clear which players are available via trade. We've heard the same names in every trade report, and we've seen the same names in virtually every mock trade.

Jae'Sean Tate's name comes up quite regularly, as he provides elite defense on the wing, in addition to playmaking abilities and elite cutting. Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham even raved about him, calling him a young bull, a Swiss Army knife, and a bowling ball.

Interestingly enough, the Lakers haven't been linked to Tate, in spite of Ham's superlatives.

It's also known that Jock Landale and Victor Oladipo will be a part of any deal involving a player making over $16 million, as those two present the necessary salary ballast, as Oladipo makes $9.5 million this season, while Landale makes $8 million. 

The Rockets' best trade asset has long been believed to be the Brooklyn Nets' 2024 first-round draft pick, as the 19-27 Nets appear primed to net the Rockets a lottery pick.

However, on Tuesday, ESPN's Zach Lowe dropped a bombshell on The Lowe Post regarding a potential Rockets player on the trade block.

ESPN's Zach Lowe reports that Jalen Green could be on the trade block.

"A name that comes up now and then, there's been a little buzz. Should the Rockets be looking at trading Jalen Green for a more win-now player?

Here are the only two justifications for trading Jalen Green, in my view.

Number one, you're getting ahead of the 'we can't pay them all' problem and you get an offer such that you actually have to entertain it, because it's fair to good value."

Lowe mentioned Tari Eason, Jabari Smith Jr., Alperen Sengun, Amen Thompson, and Cam Whitmore as players that could present a cap conundrum for the Rockets down the road.

Lowe also stated that the Rockets should consider a Green trade in two scenarios.

"Package type number one is just so many draft picks that we have to do it and it kinda resets our cap sheet just a little bit. I don't know if that offer is out there.

Package two is a young-ish player, maybe not as young as Jalen Green. Let's say in the 24-27 range, who is good, fits our team, and is, for some reason, available."

Lowe mentions Mikal Bridges as a potential prospect for the latter scenario, however, that probably doesn't get a deal done. Remember, the Nets turned down a deal involving four first-round picks for Bridges.

Is Green enough to pull that off? Probably not.

Lowe's colleague and ESPN counterpart Chiney Ogwumike stated that she wouldn't be surprised if the Rockets dealt Green.

"I am not surprised. This is something that people talk about. I wouldn't be surprised if a trade happens involving Jalen Green, because the Rockets are taking steps to evaluate who is a part of this core right now that will build for us in the future and I don't know if he is.

I would not be surprised if he gets traded, just based off of the frustrations that Rockets fans have at times with his performances."

There were rumors that the Rockets were interested in a Jalen Green for Quentin Grimes swap with the New York Knicks, but there are always rumors around the trade deadline. Most of the time they don't come into fruition.

This would be a mistake on the Rockets' part. Sure, Green has been inconsistent ,but guards tend to take longer to develop.

And Green is really turning it on of late (29.7 points, 10.7 rebounds, 4 assists, 34.6 percent from three, 50.9 percent from the field in the last three games).

It would be a bit premeditated for the Rockets to trade him now.