5 Kenyon Martin Jr. trades that give Rockets more flexibility

Houston Rockets, Kenyon Martin Jr.
Houston Rockets, Kenyon Martin Jr. / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages
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The Houston Rockets are the most talked about team heading into free agency. They have a projected $64 million in cap space and ownership is demanding improvement. Houston hired Ime Udoka to be their head coach, and the front office is hunting win-now players in free agency. The James Harden rumors appear dead, but the Rockets are looking to sign other marquee free agents.

Fred VanVleet, Brook Lopez, and Dillon Brooks top the list of rumored targets for Houston. All could make a massive impact around their young core, but the Rockets won’t have enough space to sign them all without making other moves. After drafting Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore, where do the Rockets go from here?

Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer reported the franchise is discussing Kenyon Martin Jr. with teams as a way to create additional roster flexibility. Martin is set to make just $1.9 million next season, so do they package him as part of a larger deal or look to trade his contract for the additional space? Here are some options for the front office.

Kenyon Martin Jr. trades that give Houston Rockets more flexibility

5. Wizards add a piece for their rebuild

The Washington Wizards have entered a full-scale rebuild under new president Michael Winger. He has already traded Bradley Beal, Kristaps Porzingis, and Chris Paul in a long-overdue teardown. They have added Jordan Poole and Tyus Jones, but Washington is still searching for more pieces to build around. Could they use a chunk of their cap space to acquire KJ Martin?

KJ Martin to Wiz

The Rockets wanted a first-round pick for Martin (subscription required) at the trade deadline, but they did not find a suitor. If Houston has to move his salary, they would be forced to accept the best offer on the table. With cap space limited across the league, the Wizards and a couple of second-round picks could be the answer for the 22-year-old forward.

The Houston Rockets would not be excited by this trade. They want more for just Martin or to be able to clear additional space. That could prove difficult, but this feels like one option that will be on the board if the Rockets get desperate.