5 Kenyon Martin Jr. trades that give Rockets more flexibility

Houston Rockets, Kenyon Martin Jr.
Houston Rockets, Kenyon Martin Jr. / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages
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2. Hawks use newfound cap space to get KJ Martin

The Atlanta Hawks dumped John Collins on Monday to create some cap space and flexibility going into the offseason. The three years and $78 million remaining on his deal went to Utah with just Rudy Gay’s $6.4 million expiring salary coming back in return. The Hawks must work out an extension with Dejounte Murray, and this gives them room to add pieces alongside that.

The Hawks were a Kenyon Martin Jr. suitor at the trade deadline, but are they willing to pay the price to acquire him?

KJ Martin to Hawks

Atlanta could be the one franchise that is willing to give up a first-round pick to acquire him. They sent five second-rounders to Detroit for Saddiq Bey at the trade deadline, and the Hawks have a deep wing rotation, but they are rumored to be shopping De’Andre Hunter. If Hunter goes elsewhere, there will be plenty of minutes open at the three and the four.

Martin Jr. would have to improve his defense to play under head coach Quinn Snyder, but being on the court with Dejounte Murray and Clint Capela will help. They offer cover for the 6’6 wing that he did not have in Houston.

This deal clears his $1.9 million contract off their books and gets the Rockets a first-round pick to shop, but they could be looking to create more space.