Houston Rockets make right decision with key piece of future

Houston Rockets v Miami Heat
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It's not like it was actually that much of a pressing question, but the Rockets made the obvious decision and locked Kevin Porter Jr. down for the long run to secure their starting point guard.

It almost feels like the Rockets haven't been able to do any wrong over the course of the past few months. Between some great play in the preseason, a great draft, and some quality free agent moves, Houston has made every decision with winning down the road in mind.

The most recent of these great moves has been securing an important piece of the future in starting point guard Kevin Porter Jr.

Porter is due a nice chunk of change while the Rockets have a very young core that is set to get the next three to four years on the court together with plenty of opportunities to build chemistry for an eventual playoff run.

The Rockets made the right decision.

Houston had very few chances after what they saw last season. You can take the wait and see approach to figure out if you can get a talented player on a steal if they are in a slump, but there was also a good chance that Porter would go out, ball, and then make his price tag way too high for a team that is already dealing with too much dead money.

The Rockets had to act or lose out on a player that still projects to be very good, and this decision should prove to be the safest of the choices that keep winning as a focus.

There are going to be some extra eyes on Kevin Porter Jr. and his play after receiving such an extension, but our most recent sample size leads us to believe that this is going to work out well for all parties involved.

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