Houston Rockets named as "worst fit" for Cavaliers' Donovan Mitchell

Should the Houston Rockets avoid Donovan Mitchell?
Should the Houston Rockets avoid Donovan Mitchell? / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Donovan Mitchell and NBA trade rumors - name a more iconic duo.

Mitchell is making the rounds in the rumor mill once again. His Cleveland Cavaliers are currently tied 1-1 with the Boston Celtics in the playoffs. Somehow, he's a trade target anyway.

Look at Bleacher Report. They just published an article naming Mitchell's best and worst fits in terms of suitors. They feel the Houston Rockets would be the worst fit in the league.

Houston Rockets named as worst fit for star guard

It's hard to argue with that.

It's tempting to advocate for a big trade. If the Rockets were a better team, they'd be more fun to watch. Instant gratification, if nothing else, is always gratifying.

For a short time, at least. The Rockets should be playing the long game. This team ought to continue exploring the potential of their young core before making a blockbuster deal for a player like Mitchell.

Unless, that is, a top-5ish player hit the market. Mitchell, as outstanding as he is, is not that. So, we think Bleacher Report's logic tracked

Interestingly enough, we panned the idea of Mitchell landing in Houston for entirely different reasons.

Houston Rockets bad fit for Mitchell in several ways

We were more concerned with the basketball fit.

Mitchell is too small to share a backcourt with Fred VanVleet. He's too scoring-minded to share a backcourt with Jalen Green, and he's too much of a defensive liability to share the floor with Alperen Sengun.

In other words, Mitchell is a bad fit with most of this team's core. There are miscellaneous reasons why he doesn't compliment miscellaneous players on this roster.

So, we already felt that the Rockets shouldn't trade for Mitchell. Now, Bleacher Report has added fuel to that fire. It doesn't make sense from an asset collection perspective, or an on-court perspective.

Not that that's likely to stop the rumors.