Houston Rockets need to accept their fate with John Wall

Houston Rockets v Miami Heat
Houston Rockets v Miami Heat / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Houston Rockets are very unlikely to find a good trade partner for John Wall. A buyout looks like the most likely conclusion to this saga.

Houston Rockets point guard John Wall was the most expensive courtside fan in the NBA last season. Trades were discussed after Houston made it clear that they were going to focus on youth and Wall made it known that he didn't want to be a backup, but nothing ever materialized.

The Rockets were forced into a position where they couldn't do much with Wall and his monster contract, but that wasn't all a bad thing.

The youth on Houston's roster made it so that Wall sitting on the bench wasn't actually the worst thing on the planet. The young guys got better, Wall got paid, and the Rockets were able to acquire perfect draft position.

The move was a rare win-win-win for all involved, but it is about time to end this chapter of Rockets history. It looked like this was almost going to happen with the Lakers sending another pricey point guard back to Houston in the form of Russell Westbrook a few months back, but the deal never came to pass.

These types of trades are often very difficult to pull off late in the season with so much money tied up in streaky or inconsistent players, and it appears that a buyout is the only way this is going to end with both sides still getting what they want.

There are plenty of teams that would be happy to take Wall on less than his current salary, but it seems like a stretch to assume there is a robust market out there for one of the most expensive players in the league that also didn't see any action last season as it stands.

Crazier things have happened, but it is probably time to accept that picks aren't coming back as Wall leaves. None of this is really a bad thing or surprising, and the Rockets need to prioritize cap space in the future above all else.

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Picks aren't exactly a problem for the Rockets right now, however, money will be sooner than later.