Houston Rockets need to consider trade options with veteran starters

Washington Wizards v Houston Rockets
Washington Wizards v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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The Houston Rockets were able to build a nice bit of chemistry towards the end of the season, but the growth doesn't stop there. This offseason will give the team another chance to decide if they are ready to fully transition to the young guys.

The 2021 season went the only way the Houston Rockets could've hoped for when they started the season.

The young guys looked really good as they grew throughout the year. Jalen Green proved that he is the face of this franchise and deserves to have a roster built around him, Kevin Porter Jr. has earned another year to set himself in stone as the starting point guard, and Alperen Sengun showed that he needs more minutes in 2022.

The whole season was about experience and getting ready to take the next step after the 2022 NBA Draft, but that was never going to happen without the veterans on the roster.

The season was clunky at times, but going with an entire roster of young guys that are new to the team or the position would have been even worse than what we saw. There is a difference in losing enough games to secure draft position and demoralizing your players when the team can't keep any games close due to a lack of expereince.

The older guys served as the glue for this roster when the team needed it, and the best news for the Rockets is that they now have some choices regarding these players and their futures as their needs change in a good way.