Houston Rockets need to consider trade options with veteran starters

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Eric Gordon, Houston Rockets
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Eric Gordon, SG/SF

Eric Gordon would be a tough guy to lose based on the leadership that he brings, but considering a trade for him has far more to do with what it would do for the young guys on the roster.

Gordon wouldn't bring much on the open market as an expensive veteran that you know is going to miss some time. Still, the Rockets need to decide if him staying is worth taking reps away from Smith (if he's available), Tate, Kenyon Martin, or someone else.

This is another move that would likely have to come after the draft, or at least after the order has been established. A guy like Smith could come in and play that role from day one and would give the team some flexibility in planning. The Rockets also have a few cheap, young options with experience that could step in too if necessary.

Keeping Gordon just seems like a way of holding onto the past at this point, and the Rockets should consider accepting a deal that might not be as much in their favor just because it puts their younger guys in a better position to get as many reps as possible.

There are plenty of contenders out there that would love to get the Gordon that was on the court for the Rockets this past year. They might not give up great players or picks, but teams are going to take notice of the impressive numbers he posted as the elder statesman of this very young team.

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As it stands, the Rockets would probably be better off keeping Wood and trading Gordon, but there is also a chance that both stay or both go. The good news is that either way, the future is very bright in Houston, and part of that needs to be attributed to these two guys.