Houston Rockets need to run away from proposed trade option

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
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The Houston Rockets are focused on a rebuild in 2022 above all else. Trading for an aging veteran on the decline is not the way to go about this.

The offseason is all about speculation. How your team can get better after years of mediocrity or stay atop the league lives in the forefront of discussions regarding every team. The Houston Rockets are no exception.

As most Rockets fans look towards the 2022 NBA Draft and the likely acquisition of Paolo Banchero, other fans and sites have begun discussing some trade options for the Rockets.

While Houston is in need of an influx of talent to help bring the team out of the depths of the league, trading for a guy like Anthony Davis would be a mistake.

When healthy, Davis looks like one of the five best players in the league. The only issue with this is that Davis can't seem to stay healthy at this stage of his career.

After winning a ring in the bubble and looking poised to make a case that he belonged with the likes of Giannis and Lebron at the top of the league at that time, Davis has since left that upper tier of the NBA.

Even when he was on the court in 2021, Davis just didn't look like the player that he once was. Perhaps he can get back to that point with practice and a bit of good injury luck, but counting on that player to come back is not a good use of the vast trade capital it would require to bring him to Houston.

Players like Banchero and the other options required to get Davis may never be better or reach the level that Davis was at rather recently, but being available to play in games is an extremely underrated skill at this level.

The Rockets need guys that can play, preferably young ones that can turn into stars down the road. It isn't always easy to stay committed to this long journey of losing to eventually take that next step as the core matures, but that is still a better decision than trading for a guy that brings up major questions in the short and long term.

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