Pass or pursue on Rockets' 8 biggest trade targets

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4. Kelly Olynyk- pursue

Oh, the nostalgia! We all fall for it at some point in our lives.

Kelly Olynyk briefly played for the Rockets in 2020-21, which was the first year of the rebuild. The Rockets acquired Olynyk after trading Victor Oladipo to the Miami Heat.

Olynyk signed with the Detroit Pistons in the following offseason and was later traded to the Utah Jazz in the Bojan Bogdanovic deal. Olynyk is in the final year of his deal and would give the Rockets more spacing, due to his ability to shoot the three (40.5 percent this season on 1.7 attempts).

In addition, he's an excellent passer for a big man (career-best 4.3 assists this season in 20.6 minutes). These things make up for his lack of interior defense. 

According to Matt Moore of the Action Network, the Rockets are pursuing Olynyk, which is wise, as his asking price shouldn't be too hefty (although you never know with Danny Ainge).