Houston Rockets player gets surprising end of season love

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Josh Christopher had a decent showing as a rookie guard behind a talented top-two, but All-Rookie acknowledgment is a bit of a tall order.

The Houston Rockets might be known for selecting Jalen Green and part of Alperen Sengun in the 2021 NBA Draft, but Josh Christopher is another player that deserves a bit of recogition from that group.

Christopher is a talented player and was a first-round pick, but his situation was nearly impossible for his rookie year. The Rockets were obviously trying to develop Green and Kevin Porter Jr. as much as possible to prepare them for the future, and this generally led to fewer reps for Christopher as a rookie.

The late first-round pick for the Rockets only made it on the court sparingly for most of the year, but there was plenty that showed he could be a decent depth player going forward as a member of this young core.

While we all liked what we saw, few people would confuse Christopher for a member of the All-Rookie team. However, that didn't stop the rookie from getting votes.

Rather than going with a very popular player for the award in Herb Jones, Dennis Scott of Turner chose to vote for Christopher.

We are all about Rockets players getting love. Christopher is a good player that has a legitimate future on this roster. Both of these things can be true alongside the fact that this selection makes no sense.

Jones was better across the board and played a larger role on the team; both important things to consider with a vote like this.

The love for Josh Christopher is great, and the Rockets will get a lot more of this over the next few years, but a choice like this comes as a surprise based on what we have seen.

Still, it is nice to see a talented player get love for more than minutes played or games started. Christopher still has a bright future ahead.

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