Houston Rockets player set see biggest jump in minutes in 2022

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Regardless of how this offseason plays out, there are going to be plenty of guys in new roles on the court contributing for the Houston Rockets in 2022.

Due to the fact that the Rockets were the worst team in the NBA last season, it is more than fair to say the depth wasn't there in Houston.

While most teams throughout the league already don't get very far down their depth chart, the Rockets did this even less than other teams due to a lack of cultivated talent.

There are approximately eight guys that stand to get the majority of the minutes with the roster as it stands before the draft and any other trades, and 2022 is going to look very different for some of these returners.

No player should see more of a different role than Kenyon Martin Jr., something that should lead to far more minutes than the 21 per game that he averaged last season.

Martin, much like Jae'Sean Tate, was playing out of position for most of the season. Assuming the Rockets do land Paolo Banchero in the upcoming draft, Tate and Martin should be in a better position to grow in 2022.

Most of the league is positionless at this point, but having guys like Martin and Tate play down low immediately puts them at a disadvantage. Tate is athletic and plays good defense, but size has a way of putting guys at a disadvantage from the start when athleticism is equal.

While Tate played defense with plenty of heart, he struggled from three; an area where Martin was much better for most of the season.

As teams like the Rockets focus on what is working for franchises like Boston and Golden State in the playoffs, they should recognize that the ability to shoot the three is becoming imperative for your smaller players.

Due to the fact that Martin is good from beyond the arc and can put points on the board without needing the ball in his hand, Houston could end up shifting the minutes for the Tate role a bit more in his favor as the season progresses.

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