Houston Rockets proposed trade for Christian Wood isn't bad

Houston Rockets v Dallas Mavericks
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With the 2022 NBA Draft inching closer, trade conjecture is starting to pick up some speed with the Houston Rockets and Christian Wood.

'Is a trade worth it for the Rockets and Christian Wood' is the million-dollar question for this offseason in Houston.

For a team that has a million moves to make before it is back to a contending position, it makes sense that Wood is one of the centers of attention with his value on the open market.

Still, is it really a good idea for the Rockets to get rid of one of their best players after just finishing with the worst record in the NBA?

That question is up to the front office, but fans can rest assured that there are plenty of teams out there that would be more than happy to acquire Wood if the price is right. And the price has to be right for the Rockets too-Rafael Stone has already proven that.

Could this trade be the one that finally brings the Rockets in on the idea of ending the Christian Wood era in Houston?

Of all the strange proposed trades so far this offseason, this one isn't terrible.

Wood isn't long for this team one way or another and getting something for him is obviously better than nothing. It makes sense that some fans would want a great haul for him in a trade, but the 22nd pick and two decent depth guys is nothing bad.

The Rockets could use their 17th pick and the 22nd to move up in the draft to find a guy to pair with Paolo Banchero or get a bit of wiggle-room for another deal if they get this pick for Wood.

As for the players, Brandon Clarke would bring a much-needed level of size to the four for Houston. Both of the guys playing that role for Houston last season were better-suited for the three, and a rotation of Banchero and Clarke would give the Rockets that chance to finally play Jae'Sean Tate and Kenyon Martin Jr. in a better position.

Finally, the Rockets do appear to be developing their depth at guard, but after the season we just saw, bringing in a guy like Melton wouldn't hurt for a team that should be looking to get better at nearly every position.

Houston would get worse with this trade before they get better, but a deal like this could make the future brighter if the team is willing to go through some more growing pains like they have.

The coming weeks will reveal plenty in this regard as the draft inches closer.

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