Houston Rockets regular season opener a perfect test

Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets
Atlanta Hawks v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Houston Rockets will start out their 2022 NBA campaign against Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks. This should be a perfect test for the young Rockets core.

"The young Rockets core."

Is anyone tired of hearing that yet? You shouldn't be. As much as it might be annoying to hear that said over and over again, it is the future of the franchise, so there is that much to take some excitement in.

As many people speculate on what this season will hold for Houston, one fact remains; this is a growing process. It isn't going to happen overnight. This is going to be long and difficult, somewhat similar to what we have seen over the past few years.

The difference with this year is that there is a bit more hope involved. Between a few great draft picks and free agent signings, the Rockets could have a great idea of what their starting five of the future will look like depending on how this season goes, and every test is going to play a huge role in projecting whether this team will have the legs down the road.

The good news for the Rockets is that their first test will come early.

Starting your season off against a star like Trae Young can be a daunting prospect. The Rockets were not good defensively last season, and everyone knows about what Young brings on the offensive end of the court.

Houston spent draft picks and a lot of time this offseason on working into a new defensive mentality, and starting off against an offense that can get hot quickly is a great way to see whether or not these changes have been effective.

It also helps that this game is certainly a winnable one for the Rockets to start their season on.

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