Houston Rockets season receives glowing praise from major media outlet

Ime Udoka changed the Houston Rockets during his first season at the helm.
Ime Udoka changed the Houston Rockets during his first season at the helm. / Amanda Loman/GettyImages

Some Houston Rockets fans are disappointed. They wanted the team to qualify for the 2023-24 NBA play-in tournament.

Fair enough. That would have been nice. It wasn't exactly the expectation heading into this season. Most observers feel that the Rockets exceeded expectations in 2023-24.

Bleacher Report is no exception.

Houston Rockets receive glowing praise from major media outlet

Bleacher Report gave the Rockets a B+ on their final season grade.

"(T)he Houston Rockets smashed expectations this season and got multiple breakouts from all over the roster."

Andy Bailey, Bleacher Report

Some may consider that a modest grade. Think again. Only six teams received a higher grade. The Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Orlando Magic all graded out as A students.

That means 24 teams received the same grade or lower. So, the Rockets had a successful season according to at least one unbiased observer.

Will they repeat that feat in 2024-25?

Houston Rockets about to raise the bar

Time will tell.

In 2023-24, the goal was to improve. The Rockets increased their win total by 19. That was the biggest jump in the NBA.

Still, the Rockets were a .500 team this year. Next year, that won't suffice. The Rockets need to finish 2024-25 with a winning record.

Do they need to make the postseason? That's a different question. The instinctive answer is a resounding "yes".

With that said, it's worth noting that the Golden State Warriors needed 46 wins to procure the 10th seed in the Western Conference this year. A playoff bid in 2024-25 will not come easily.

We'll see what happens. The bottom line is that the Rockets are on the right track. Sure, they missed the play-in this year. It could be worse:

Bleacher Report gave the Warriors a C for 2023-24.