Houston Rockets Season Review: Eric Gordon 

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Eric Gordon’s Season in Review

In the first few entries of the Houston Rockets Season Review, I included a section on the good and the bad of each individual. Instead of devoting an entire slide and more than 400 words, I’ll opt for a more direct summation of Gordon’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Eric Gordon had a very good 3-point shooting season. His 2-point efficiency was boosted by him taking the majority of his 2-pointers around the rim, but his 67.9% conversion rate was nothing to write home about. He offers little playmaking, and at this point in his career, is a one-trick pony on offense.  

Gordon’s defense has never been good. At his best he was average, and he is now a major defensive negative. His lack of size reduces his versatility, and he doesn’t have the foot speed to stay in front of most NBA-quality point guards. The good in Gordon’s game is his 3-point shooting and shot selection. The bad is his defense, and everything else is meh. 

The 2021-22 season saw Gordon get back to the player that he was when the Rockets were title contenders. His remaining on the roster is an indication of what the league thought of him. He has utility, but at $18 million this season and $19.5 million next season, he doesn’t offer much value. With the final year of his deal not guaranteed, he’ll effectively enter the 2022-23 season on an expiring deal. 

With his previous baseline reaffirmed, Gordon should have suitors through trade in the offseason. However, the return that the Rockets will be able to extract will likely leave fans disappointed. Teams don’t give up valuable picks for expensive, injury-prone, and limited players. 

Gordon had a great season. He’ll make at least $160 million in salary over his career. He’s past his prime, but as long as he’s around 40% from 3-point range he’ll have a role in the NBA. 2021-22 was a great season, and wherever he plays in 2022-23 he’ll likely be bombing from deep with the best of them. 

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