3 Rockets whose stock are fading fast, 2 that are skyrocketing

Houston Rockets, Alperen Sengun
Houston Rockets, Alperen Sengun / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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The Houston Rockets started 0-3 before winning three straight. They spent in free agency and want to contend for a playoff spot this season. Houston has plenty of young talent, but can they make the pieces fit together to make a push? There could be more upgrades before the trade deadline, but how is the team performing thus far?

Things looked bad after three games. Getting blown out by the Magic on opening night and quickly losing in overtime to the Spurs created some early-season panic. The Rockets winning three straight, including two victories over the Kings, has restored some faith. They are playing well and could be a surprise team.

Who has stood out through their first six games and which players need to pick it up? Here is a look at whose stock is changing after the opening two weeks of the 2023-24 regular season.

Stock fading: Reggie Bullock

The Rockets signed Bullock this summer after he was traded by the Mavericks and waived by San Antonio. They jumped at the chance to add a quality 3-and-D wing on a minimum contract. Houston figured he would be part of their rotation and provide some veteran depth to their young roster.

Through six games, Bullock is having the worst season of his career. He has played in just four contests and is averaging 0.8 points and 1.5 rebounds in 10.0 minutes per game. All five of his field goal attempts have threes thus far, and the 6’5 wing has made just one of them.

Reggie Bullock is a notoriously slow starter, but he won’t last in the rotation unless his play improves. The Houston Rockets want to get their young talent minutes. Reggie Bullock must sink open shots and pick up his defense if he wants to play. If things do not improve, the 32-year-old may be searching for a new home in February.

Bullock’s struggles have given others more time to shine, and one newcomer is taking advantage.