Houston Rockets strategy to make Alperen Sengun a star

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The Houston Rockets have a star in the making in their young starting center for the 2022 season. Alperen Sengun will need his franchise to meet him half way to become an elite playmaker in the role.

There aren't a lot of young big men in the NBA with as much hype forming around their future as Alperen Sengun. The Rockets appear to have hit a home run with the Turkish center, and this season is going to go a long way in showing Houston what they have in store for their future.

While there are a lot of moving pieces and plenty of things that are going to have to change before this team truly takes steps forward, making sure that Sengun gets his reps is always going to be one of the most important for the long-term future of this club.

Sengun has a very decent chance of being the second-best player on the court for the Rockets in 2022, and Houston actually needs him to get at or near this level if they really want to be competitive with some of the better teams.

The good news for Houston is that the path forward for Sengun and his development is simple; play him. Minutes matter here. Even if there are bad games, of which there will be plenty in the coming months and possibly years, reps for Sengun is going to be an extremely important focus.

Reps is going to be key in building confidence for Sengun to create opportunities at the basket. These reps will also help with Sengun's talents as a distributor for a team that could really use the help in that area.

One way or another, the Rockets need to feature a large amount of Alperen Sengun going forward if they want him to emerge as a complete star.

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