Houston Rockets: Strengths and weaknesses of the top NBA Draft prospects

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Houston Rockets NBA Draft: Jalen Suggs' strengths and weaknesses

Jalen Suggs might be the most well-known prospect in the entire draft. He helped lead the Gonzaga Bulldogs to an almost undefeated season with their only loss coming in the NCAA Tournament final. His buzzer-beater 3-pointer to beat UCLA in the Final Four will go down as one of the greatest moments in tournament history.

Suggs is more than just an NCAA Tournament hero, he is one of the most well-rounded prospects in the entire draft. He may never be elite at any one thing but there is a real chance that his game features no holes.

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Strengths: Vision, feel, athleticism, defense, day one impact

Suggs best attributes are his court vision and feel for the game. The combination of the two should lead to him posting excellent passing numbers, while also allowing him to fill a variety of roles on offense.

Suggs' athleticism isn't his calling card but he can blow by and elevate over defenders. He is strong and has a frame that can add bulk without limiting his explosiveness, which should make him a strong perimeter defender.

The total package should lead Suggs to be impactful from day one. While teams at the top of the draft are thinking about five years down the line, Suggs should pay immediate dividends. Suggs will speed up any rebuild he's a part of.

Weaknesses: shooting, scoring versatility 

Suggs isn't a poor shooter but he has a long way to go scare opposing defenses. Perimeter players need an effective jump shot to keep defenses honest and until Suggs develops one his scoring will be capped.

Suggs' doesn't have an advanced array of moves or finishes yet. Just like his jumper, there is potential, but until it is realized he'll have to rely on getting buckets in transition and within the flow of an offense.

Should the Houston Rockets trade back in the NBA draft and take Jalen Suggs?

Is Suggs as good a prospect as the next three players on the list? Not on upside, but his floor appears to be very high. Should the Rockets trade back and take him is another question. As the likely fourth pick, they'd be dealing with the Toronto Raptors. It'd take an absolute haul that the Raptors probably wouldn't offer, so this one is also a no.

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