Houston Rockets: Strengths and weaknesses of the top NBA Draft prospects

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Houston Rockets NBA Draft: Jalen Green's strengths and weaknesses

Jalen Green has emerged as the front runner for the Rockets with the second pick. He flashes the ability to be a go-to scorer and will provide immediate high-flying highlights in transition and on cuts to the basket.

If you thought Anthony Edwards should have won Rookie of the Year then Green is definitely your choice here. The historical comps for Green portend at the very least a long and productive career, but he has a long way to go to reach his ultimate potential.

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Strengths: Athleticism, shooting, handle, age

Green possesses the type of athleticism that translates perfectly to the modern game. He is a fluid athlete with the explosiveness and burst to force defenders into making 'business decisions.'

His athletic package will make his handle play up and should allow him to get to his spots with regularity. What separates Green from the prospects mentioned before is that he is already an excellent shooter.

His free throw and 3-point shooting are already above average by NBA standards and it wouldn't be a shock if he averaged 20 points per game in his rookie year if given a high-usage role from day one.

Green is on the younger side which bodes well for his future considering he already was a dangerous scorer against professionals in the G-League. Age can be overstated but in Green's case, it is definitely a selling point if you're looking for a future superstar.

Weaknesses: Defense, passing

Green's defense needs work and his intensity on that end comes and goes. He has some exceptional highlights but possession to possession he needs work. Defense in the NBA is not about highlights, it's all about consistency.

All-NBA offensive talents can't get by on their scoring in this day and age. To be an elite offensive player one needs to be an excellent passer and Green hasn't shown much of that yet. His ability to create his own shot should, theoretically, help him create for others but early on he'll likely struggle through turnovers.

All of Green's weaknesses could be pluses at some point in his career but he'll have to work long and hard to reach those heights. If he does, he may be the best player in this draft, but that is a big if.

Should the Houston Rockets take Jalen Green in the NBA draft?

If the Rockets believe that Green is the best player then they should absolutely take him. His upside is immense and even his worst-case scenario is still a valuable player. Landing a player as talented as him is a win because in most drafts he'd easily go first.