5 Trades the Houston Rockets can make to flip Victor Oladipo

The Rockets want to upgrade their roster and flipping Victor Oladipo is the key to their plan.
Houston Rockets, Victor Oladipo
Houston Rockets, Victor Oladipo / Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Houston Rockets go hard for shooting

Jake Fischer reported that Buddy Hield was unlikely to be traded before the start of the season, despite trade rumors popping up when his extension talks fizzled.

The Pacers hope to take a step forward, but their front office has a crucial decision to make before the deadline. Hield becomes a free agent next summer and the two sides weren’t close on a new deal. It is trade him or risk losing him for nothing in the summer.

This trade might have to wait until deadline day, but the Rockets could look to rent Hield to solve their shooting woes. The 6’4 wing is a career 40.2 percent 3-point shooter who would certainly knock down shots.

Rockets get Buddy

Indiana wants a first-round pick, but no team is likely to offer one. Hield struggles on defense and has missed the playoffs in each of his first seven NBA seasons. Still, the Rockets finished 30th in 3-point percentage and 29th in 3-pointers made last year. They need shooting, and Hield is one of the world’s best.

The Houston Rockets would have to offer multiple second-round picks or Indiana will just keep Buddy Hield and try to make the postseason with him on their roster. Three second-rounders might be enough to get the Rockets some shooting and for Indiana to give him up.

Houston may want a bigger upgrade, but that means giving up more draft capital.