How a Rockets legend helped end Kyrie Irving's most problematic feud

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks
Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Dallas Mavericks point guard Kyrie Irving is always in the news for something. Whether it's teasing the Mavs with the idea of joining their in-state rival and division rival Houston Rockets, being a flat-earther, or challenging New York's vaccine mandate, the dude is always in the limelight.

Irving has been a polarizing player for the national media and has had a feud with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith for what feels like forever. This week, Smith took it upon himself to make it known that his feud with Irving isn't nearly as contentious as it once was, while also noting that it'll never die down completely.

Smith joined Podcast P with Paul George Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment and cleared the air.

How a Rockets legend helped end Kyrie Irving's most problematic feud

"It's a well-known fact that me and Kyrie had beef for quite a long time. That will probably never resolve itself. I'm cool with his family now but we don't talk and it's probably gonna stay that way. It probably needs to stay that way. I don't wish him harm. I don't want him not to get paid."

Smith explained the basis of his frustration with the 2016 NBA champion.

"To me, you're so spectacular and box office. I'm tired of seeing one thing after another, leading to you missing games. There's always something."

The First Take analyst also explained how a Rockets legend helped quell the tension and squash the beef between the two.

"Kenny Smith called me and he was like 'yo, he's us. He's one of us' He wasn't talking about being black, he was talking about where we were from.

He said 'Steve, Steve. This ain't about right and wrong. This ain't about your information. I get it. He said but damn, you got that pulpit. And I told Kenny, 'say no more. It's you.'"

Kenny "The Jet" Smith was a key role player for the Rockets during the 90s and won both championships with the franchise. Although Smith only played six seasons with the Rockets, he managed to etch himself in the franchise's record-books, ranking fifth in 3-point percentage (40.7 percent), sixth in total assists, and eighth in total threes made.

Kudos to The Jet for stepping up to the plate and getting Stephen A. Smith in line.