How new selection Jabari Smith fits in with Houston Rockets

2022 NBA Draft
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The Houston Rockets just committed a robbery on live T.V. by drafting Jabari Smith with the third-overall pick. Here is how he fits with the team.

Shockingly enough, there are some Rockets fans out there that are actually upset with how tonight's draft has gone so far. That is a little ridiculous.

Yes, Paolo Banchero's floor seems like it's the highest, but at least Jabari Smith's floor is higher than Holmgren's and his ceiling is higher than Banchero's.

Most people naturally expected Banchero to end up in Houston. Almost every mock draft on the planet had Smith to the Magic and Holmgren to the Thunder. This naturally left Banchero for Houston.

The Magic cleary didn't care about the mock draft simulators. Taking Banchero first flipped the script almost immediately, but the Rockets shouldn't complain.

Jabari Smith was the best natural fit for the Rockets on the board. His ability to shoot from beyond the arc better than anyone else in the class and play defense is going to immediately improve the standing of the Rockets.

Houston now has a legitimate forward that can play the Jae'Sean Tate role that he was a bit too small for.

The starting lineup for Houston now could look like Kevin Porter Jr., Jalen Green, Tate in a better role, Smith, and Alperen Sengun. It's a young lineup, but it is one that has a bright future and plenty of time to grow and get better on defense.

To better the case for Smith, his talents on offense won't stifle the growth of guys like Green, KPJ, or Sengun. The Rockets can let those three guys handle the ball while having Smith on the outside as someone who is coming off a .420 from beyond the arc season.

A great shooter that doesn't need the ball in his hands is clearly an extremely-underrated talent for this Rockets team and the modern NBA.

The Rockets got way better tonight. Jabari Smith is going to be a stud.

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