Is Kevin Porter Jr’s 3-Point Shooting Sustainable?

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Kevin Porter Jr.'s New 3-Point Level

Due to Porter’s age, the chance that he broke out as a 3-point shooter remains a distinct possibility. However, a breakout and establishing a new baseline are two different things. Before last season, he was a well below-average 3-point shooter, and then suddenly, he was well above. His new baseline is probably closer to league average with a decent degree of difficulty added in the mix, which remains very valuable. 

If Kevin Porter Jr. is going to take the next step, he’ll need to improve the other areas of his offensive game. It’s not that he cannot improve as a 3-point shooter, but asking a player to become one of the elite 3-point shooters in the game is unfair. His 3-point shooting is sustainable in the sense that he likely has established a new baseline that’s closer to league-average efficiency on a high difficulty diet of 3-pointers, but it alone won’t be enough to offset poor shooting on 2-pointers and free throws. 

Kevin Porter Jr. had the best season of his career, and it was largely driven by his ability to hit threes. The rest of his scoring diet needs to improve to offset a likely decline in his 3-point shot-making, but his 3-point shooting should remain an asset. If his playmaking also takes a jump, then Porter could be in line for a nice payday as he hits restricted free agency.

Last season, Porter established a career baseline as a valuable sixth man with the ability to be a solid starter depending on his defensive impact in a lower usage offensive role. If he can keep most of his gains from distance and add better scoring inside the arc, then his career arc could be something special.

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